Welcome to another weekend...and if you believe the Mayans, it could be one of our last! So with the "End of the World" rapidly approaching on Dec. 21st, Dick and Jackie, along with their special guest and former "Purtan's Person" Tom DeLisle, address some really deep and meaningful topics in Dick's latest Podcast (#66).

And what could be more "deep and meaningful" than Convicted-Felon-Former-Detroit-City-Councilwoman Monica Conyers' impending release from the slammer and move into a Half-Way House?! (She made headlines by repeatedly calling the council Prez "Shrek") Dick also tells you about a new Special Edition magazine dedicated entirely to the legendary Detroit Red Wing, Gordie Howe - and Tom shares a story about a "cup" (and we're not talking Stanley here) that he wore just in time to save his, um, family jewels at a hockey game.  Speaking of "Royal Jewels" Dick dishes out the latest on Kate Middleton's morning sickness, and explains why England's Boy George told an arena full of Detroit concert goers that "Dick Purtan can kiss my ass! So stop worrying about the Apocalypse for a few minutes, sit back and spend some time catching up with what's going on. It'll come in handy just in case the Mayans were wrong!