- Red Wings get 20 straight wins at home (only three teams have done that!)

- Adelle gets 6 wins at Grammy’s. She had laser throat surgery and came back strong. I had the exact same injury years ago (a polyp and burst blood vessel on vocal cord) and was told by doctors I couldn’t talk for three weeks. How come the ratings went up while I was off the air?  

- And of course the biggest news of all… Whitney Houston dead at the age of 48. The latest reports say that she took sedatives and drownd in the bathtub. What a voice! And, unfortunately, what a seemingly self-induced tragedy. To watch and hear her amazing rendition of the National Anthem, recorded at the 1991 Super Bowl, go to DickPurtan.com

Note: I’ll be back behind the mic at the 25 Annual Salvation Army Bed & Bread Club Radiothon on Friday, February 24th - 6am to 10pm - on 760 WJR! 

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