There’s a new video to the tune of the the Village People’s “YMCA” featuring Trump (Cop), Biden (Construction Worker), Booker (Cowboy), Sanders (Biker), and Warren (Indian Chief).

- Between those five there’s not a “Young Man” among them.


Hillary Clinton is reportedly hitting the road with a tour to promote her new book that celebrates “Gutsy Women”.

- You know… like Paula Jones and Gennifer Flowers.


The Thomas Cook travel company has gone out of business leaving tens of thousands of vacationers stranded.

- Luckily, the people on vacation in Mexico can just walk to America - and they don’t even need a passport.


An American man drowned while attempting to propose to his girlfriend Underwater.

- He should have gotten something old, something new, something borrowed and something full of oxygen.


Health officials in Britain say overweight people shouldn’t be called “Obese” but described as “Living with Obesity” instead.

- Next they’ll want “French Fries” to be called “Potatoes of Parisian Descent”.


Facebook reportedly paid $1 BILLION dollars for a company that’s developing a wrist-strap that controls your smartphone by reading your MIND - and eliminates the need for people to push buttons on their phone.

- Give me a BILLION dollars and I’ll push the buttons on your phone for you.


Today is National Spelling Punctuation Day!

Hav’e a… graa;t!. de-y & Il’l, c, “you” bac_ h’ere W:e,d-n’es;dae??.