A survey by the University of Pennsylvania found that 1 in 5 Americans can’t name a single branch of the Government.

- That’s easy! There’s the Executive… Legislative… and Twitter.


Just days after a 74 year old Indian woman gave birth to twins, she and her 78 year old husband, are both in intensive care - her for exhaustion and him for having a heart attack.

- He had the heart attack when he found out the kids were his.

- The same thing happened the night the twins were conceived.


A new video from the BBC’s “Children’s Teach” series tells kids that there are over one hundred genders they can choose from.

- Remember the good old days when the biggest things little kids had to pick between was a Bologna or PB&J sandwich?


Joe Biden is still being mocked for telling parents that they should help their kids learn more words “by leaving their RECORD PLAYERS” on.

- Proving once again that Joe’s close to 78 - not 45 or 33 1/3.

- He also advised kids not to spend too much time on their Rotary and Princess phones.


Dennis Rodman says that his days as an International Peace Ambassador between Trump and Kim Jong Un are “behind him”.

- Who’s Lil Kim gonna get his Nuclear Advice from now???


The stripper-drama “Hustlers” was tops at the Box Office this weekend, taking in $33 Million in its debut.

- All in singles.


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