The author of a new study claims that mosquitos are the most dangerous threat to human life on the planet.

- So I guess this means White Men are off the hook.


Former Spice Girl Mel “Scary Spice” B posted a video of herself naked, taking a shower with her Dog, leaving fans baffled.

- People didn’t know if it was a Boy or a Girl Dog until they saw that it was a Pointer.


The widow of famed Hollywood Dancer Gene Kelly said it was “shocking and incomprehensible” that GMA’s Lara Spencer would make fun of William and Kate’s 7 year old son, Prince George of England, for taking Ballet Classes.

- Lara apologized and said she hopes the future King will grow up and star in a remake of “Singing in the Reign”.


A Southwest Airlines gate agent in Orlando is being praised by passengers after she kept people happy during a long delay by playing games including “Worst Drivers License Photo”.

- But it wasn’t as much fun as the “Drinking Game” played by the Pilots.


Prez Trump is calling “Fake News” on a report that he asked officials if a nuclear bomb could be dropped inside a hurricane to neutralize the storm.

- Admit it. You’ve wondered the same thing. I know I have.


O.J. Simpson - who had added Colts QB Andrew Luck to his Fantasy Football team just 90 minutes before Luck’s retirement announcement - lamented his bad luck, tweeting, “What did I ever do??”

- Hmmm. That’s a tough one.


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