Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner’s son Brody says he was hurt when his Dad decided NOT to attend his wedding, just a week before the nuptials.

- In his Dad’s defense, He was worried his plunging neckline dress would upstage the Bride.


Archeologists have uncovered the remains of one of Napoleon Bonaparte's generals: a one-legged man who was killed by a cannonball more than 200 years ago - underneath a dance hall floor in Russia.

- Their best guess is that the General had been dancing to ABBA’s “Waterloo”.


The #MeToo movement may put Victoria’s Secret out of business after sales plummeted in the first half of this year.

- But company insiders say those numbers are “padded”… like their Bras.


New scientific research claims that insects not only feel pain when you smush them, but if they survive they have chronic pain.

- I would’ve loved to have been a fly on the wall when they were figuring that one out.


Joe Biden unveiled his new healthcare proposal and promised “If you LIKE your healthcare… you can KEEP your health care”.

- Biden is clearly grabbing at Obamas coattails… which is better than what he’s usually grabbing.


Kylie Jenner - of the Kardashian Clan - said that growing up in the public eye has been incredibly tough and caused her distress and anxiety.

- And then she posted more naked pics of herself on Instagram.


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