Thank you all for your kind Birthday Wishes last Thursday! It really made turning 38 a lot easier.


Paul McCartney thrilled fans by bringing Ringo Starr on stage with him to play two songs during his concert in LA over the weekend.

- For our Junior readers, Paul and Ringo were once in a band called “The Beatles”.


The crowd at a Billy Joel concert in NY the night before the Blackout booed Bill and Hillary Clinton after Joel dedicated a song to them during the show they were attending.

- Bill wasn’t happy either… When Bill started singing “Tell Her About It”, Bill was like, “Over my dead body!”


President Trump, four female Democrat Congresswoman including AOC, plus Nancy Pelosi - got involved in a massive Twitter war over the weekend, all calling each other names.

- It was basically like Junior High without the Lunch Ladies.


Jeff Bezos and his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez were photographed kissing in public at a Wimbledon tennis match.

- They smooched right as the announcer said, “40 - Love”… which is also the amount of Billions Bezos is going to be out when Lauren decides the only thing She “Loves” is his $$$.


Today and Tuesday are “Amazon Prime Days”… with deep discounts of millions of products ranging from Home Assistants to TV’s to Clothing.

- In other words, today is THE DAY to save big on things you don’t need and hadn’t even thought of buying in the first place.


The London Mail is reporting that British actress Lashana Lynch will be the next James Bond - making her the first woman to play 007.

- In keeping with the #MeToo movement, the movie will be called “Dr. No Means No”.


Have a great day and I’ll see you back here Tuesday!