She’s 4 days past her due date and oddsmakers in London say that while “Elizabeth” and “Diana” are good bets if Prince Harry and his wife Meghan have a girl… there’s a new name gaining traction: “Allegra”.

- Well that’s nothing to sneeze at.

- Insiders say the baby’s official name would be “Allegra Zyrtec Claritin Mucinex Flonase… of Sussex”.


A professor at Oxford University claims that aliens are already breading with humans on earth.

- I won’t believe it until I see the Paternity Test results on Maury Povich.


Speaking of Aliens… Larry King is said to be resting comfortably after emergency heart surgery.

- You’d have heart problems too if you had 7 ex-wives.


A new survey found that one in four Americas say they have no one to confide in.

- Buy an Alexa! She’ll listen to everything you say… Even when you’re not talking to her. (As proof, as I was typing those words, my Alexa came on and for some reason gave me the weather for Farmington Hills. No joke!)


'The Mueller Report' is now officially a best-seller with just under 42,000 copies purchased online last week.

- It’s available on Amazon in both the Fiction and Non-Fiction sections… depending if your a Democrat or a Republican.


It’s official! Fox Entertainment says that Jussie Smollett will NOT appear on the upcoming season of “Empire”.

- At last… I can finally sleep at night.

- Jussie can always get work as a Stuntman. He’s good at falling down when someone is paid to pretend-hit him.


Have a great day and I’ll see you back here Friday!