Mick Jagger is said to be resting comfortably after surgery last Friday to replace a heart valve and has to “take it easy” for a month.

- They don’t want him to “Get no Satisfaction” for a month either.

- Mick’s doctors say his heart will be fine, but “No more burgers from Ruby Tuesdays”.


El Chapo’s wife is starting a fashion line inspired by her husband who is serving 20 years in prison.

- The clothes will be available at Target… And the Prison Gift Shop.


Meghan Markle has upset the Royal Family again by announcing she’ll use her own doctors when she gives birth instead of the Queen’s “Royal Gynocologist”.

- To be honest, when I think of Queen Elizabeth in stirrups… it’s when I see a picture of her on a horse.


A survey by H&R Block found that the average person has just four hours of free time PER WEEK.

- I apologize for the two minutes of that you spent reading this post.


A video has gone viral of a goat trying to board a school bus in Utah.

- Question: What’s so unusual about a Kid getting on a school bus??


A North Carolina couple is celebrating their 82nd Wedding Anniversary this week… one of the longest on record.

- The husband is 103 and the wife is 100. Obviously he likes younger women.

- They have a bumper sticker that reads: “If this Van is a-rockin… CALL 911… Somebody’s Having a Seizure!!


Have a great day and I’ll see you back here Tuesday!