Yippee! An extra hour of Daylight! If you’re still able to “Spring Forward” I hope you did Saturday night!


Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders lead all Democrats in the latest polls.

- These two guys remind me of Statler and Waldorf sitting in the balcony on The Muppets.


According to a new poll, half of young people in America want to live in a socialist nation.

- They got the idea from living in their parents basements.


Dolly Parton says she HAS NOT given Elizabeth Warren permission to use her song “9 to 5” during her Presidential campaign… although she IS.

- Warren responded “That’s not true” and called Dolly an “Indian Giver”.


Hidden Valley Salad Dressing put a 24 foot bottle of Ranch Dressing on the Las Vegas strip Sunday.

- In a related story, CNN reported that Prez Trump secretly keeps a giant bottle of RUSSIAN Dressing on his desk in the Oval Office.


A 116-year-old Japanese woman the latest to be named the “World's Oldest Person” says she gets up everyday at 6 and plays board games.

- Proving that Naked Twister isn’t just fun… it’s good for your health!


Have a great day and I’ll see you back here Tuesday!