Scientists estimate that this month's super-moon will be the biggest and brightest of the entire year.

- The last time this happened Michael Moore was standing outside and dropped his pants.


The Fencing Federation in France now recognizes “Lightsaber Dueling” (as in Star Wars) as a Competitive Sport - that could eventually make it to the Olympics.

- Awesome! A whole new “weapon” for the French to lay down when they surrender.

- What’s next? Yoda for President??


Some Democrat lawmakers in Oregon are trying to lower the voting age from 18 to 16 so “teens can have a say in their future”.

- I’m not sure kids who pick their Class President based on “Hot Dogs & Pizza for EVERYONE” in the High School Cafeteria should help decide America’s future.


Singapore Airlines has been called out for having “secret cameras” embedded in passenger seats.

- Maybe they have the cameras to make sure you “stay seated until the Captain turns the seatbelt sign off”.

- If they want more exciting video they’d install cameras in the bathrooms during the “Mile High Club” Membership Drive.


The Baltimore Fire Department has figured out what caused a fire inside a parking lot Port-a-Potty outside a stadium yesterday.

- Turns out the Port-a-Potty Fire was caused by a Gas Explosion!!!!


The 32nd Annual Salvation Army Radiothon raising funds to feed and shelter thousands of needy Metro-Detroiters gets underway THIS FRIDAY!! As you know, the Bed & Bread Program is near and dear to my heart and is an absolutely VITAL program serving the less fortunate in our own backyard! The Radiothon will be broadcast from 6am to 8pm on WJR 760 AM - LIVE from the lobby of One Campus Martius in Downtown Detroit. Jackie, Big Al and I will host two time slots: 2 to 4pm and 6 to 8pm. We’d love you to tune in - but more importantly DONATE to this extremely worthy cause! Busy Friday? You can even call in your pledge RIGHT NOW by calling toll-free 1-833-725-4673! As they say… “Operators are standing by!” Thanks in advance and I’ll “see” you Friday!!!


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