A new poll shows that a majority of football fans don’t think companies should use their ads to make a political statement during the Super Bowl.

- They’d rather leave Politics to the experts… The players.


Gillette, known for their disposable razors.. is facing a backlash for their new #MeToo movement commercial which challenges men to “Shave off” their “Toxic Masculinity”. 

- Whatever! I’ll continue using my “Stashtag”:  #UpperLipHairForever… Toxic or not.

- In the interest of fairness, shouldn’t WOMEN have to shave off their mustache’s too??


Two female analysts on CNN slammed President Trump as “sexist” for telling a College Basketball team that he went out and bought them hamburgers because Melania would have “made them salads”.

- They call it “Sexist”. I call it “Salad Shaming”!


A man on Social Media claims he “accidentally” proposed to his girlfriend and gave her an engagement ring after taking a super-sized dose of the sleep medicine Ambien.

- Sounds like he wanted to make sure he married the girl of his dreams.


CNN legal analyst Areva Martin called out Fox News contributor David Webb for his “white privilege” during a radio interview with him on Tuesday. She was a tad embarrassed when he explained to her that he’s Black.

- Coming Soon! The TV series: “Black is the New White”.


Nancy Pelosi has asked Prez Trump to reschedule his State of the Union address — or submit it in writing — as long as the government remains shut down.

- Nancy and Chuck would have been a lot better off if they’d submitted THEIR TRUMP OVAL OFFICE REBUTTAL SPEECH IN WRITING.


Have a great day and I’ll see you back here Thursday!