Turns out Jeff Bezos girlfriend Lauren Sanchez is the one who tipped off the media about their affair by telling her friends that she was dating “The Richest Man in the World”.

- Do you think there’s a chance she’s just dating him for his MONEY??? Nah.


Ford unveiled it’s most powerful Mustang ever (700 Horsepower!) at the Detroit Auto Show yesterday.

- No price was given but I’m betting you can go from Zero to Bankrupt in under 5 seconds.


In Medical News… a pair of studies found that less than 6 hours of sleep a night increases the risk of heart disease, but moving around for 30 minutes a day, instead of sitting, can add years to your life.

- So basically if you lay awake all night thinking about exercising the next day, you’ll break even.


Sources say President Obama will not endorse his 76 year old former Vice President Joe Biden for the Presidency.

- It’s part of Obama’s new “Change You Can’t Believe In” policy.


After a 13 year break, “The Who” - who are in their 70’s - announced plans for a new album and a live tour.

- They’ll start the show by wandering around on stage asking each other: “Who Are You?”

- The first song on the new album is entitled: “Pinball Thanks-To-My-Prostate-I-Can’t-Whizard”.


RIP… Carol Channing - best known for playing the title role in Broadway’s “Hello Dolly” has died of natural causes at the age of 97.


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