President Trump may have an anonymous enemy in the White House... but North Korea's Kim Jong Un says he still believes in the Prez. 

- Proving the old adage "With Enemies Like This... Who Needs Friends??"


FBI agents in Minneapolis have recovered a pair of ruby red slippers that were stolen from the Judy Garland museum in 2005. 

- Wizard of Oz fans were thrilled. And Toto too! 

- To be honest, I didn't think they had a Flying Monkey's chance in Hell of getting them back! 


Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin slammed the Ryan Gosling film “First Man” for not showing the American flag during Neil Armstrong’s and Buzz's moon landing. 

- For those of you under 40, Buzz Aldrin was the second man to land on the moon... Not Woody’s sidekick in Toy Story.


Kendall Jenner was seen “ripping Caitlyn Jenner a new one” at a restaurant in Malibu on Tuesday. 

- The last time Kendall's step-Dad turned step-Mom got a new one there was a surgeon in the room. 


According to a Pew Research Poll, 26% of Facebook users have taken a one or two week "Break" from Facebook in the last year. 

- That's insane! I mean, How did they figure out how they should feel about politics???


Scientists say Human Brain Power fluctuates during the year -- with mental performance peaking in the Fall. 

- Bottom line: Enjoy the "A" your child or grandchild got on the first day of school because it's all downhill from here. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Friday!


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