Former White House aid Omarosa Manigault Newman unveiled a new recording from inside the White House.

- Don’t tell me what’s on it! I’m waiting for the Box Set.


Alex Trebek debuted a new beard during the season premier of Jeopardy that’s got the entire showbiz world talking.

- It’s the most famous beard in Hollywood since Debbie Rowe married Michael Jackson.


A Wallet Hub survey found that 55% of millennials are willing to go into debt in order to get one of the new iPhones unveiled this week.

- I think the big news here is that Millennials are willing to pay for something without hitting up their parents.


An Ohio supermarket is facing criminal charges after for eating $9000 worth of deli meat during the past five years she has worked for the business.

- Her attorney says the charges are a “bunch of bologna”. 


A naked Florida man accidentally started his house on fire by trying to bake cookies on a George Foreman grill.

- This is exactly why I always get my cookies from the Girl Scouts.  


A growing number number of Germans are accusing British women of ruining Oktoberfest by showing up in scantily clad outfits.

- The British have finally found a way to annoy the Germans for starting World War II.


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