CBS President Les Moonves is out at CBS after six more women came forward accusing him of sexual harassment. 

- His life story was obviously the inspiration for CBS's "The Big Bang Theory".

- It's on CBS's cancellation list... and now so is Moonves. 


For the first time in it's almost 100 year history, Lafayette Coney is now accepting credit cards. 

- Hot Dog! 

- The announcement got a Chili reaction from cash-enthusiasts, but the owner said it's time to Ketchup with modern technology. 


VP Mike Pence told Fox News that he's willing to take a die detector test to prove he's NOT the White House mole. 

- Remember the good old days when the Vice President got elected and we never heard from him again? 


Lionel Ritchie's model son, Miles, is covered in more than 150 tattoos. 

- Hello???

- Miles went Once... Twice... Three Times to a Tattoo Lady. 


Hillary Clinton is scheduled to appear at a "Lesbian Tech Conference" in NYC this week.

- Or as Bill Clinton calls it "Really Smart Girl-On-Girl Action". 

- Meanwhile Bill will be appearing at a "Girls Gone Wild Conference" in Ft. Lauderdale. 


A Mississippi high school senior had to ditch her crown after being named homecoming queen — so she could put on her football uniform and kick an extra point for the boy's Varsity football team. 

- It's the first time someone has stuffed their bra and worn a jock strap on the same night since Caitlyn Jenner went to the gym to workout.  


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