The Mayor of London has given the green light to a 20ft balloon depicting President Trump as a huge orange baby that will fly above Parliament during Trump's visit Friday. 

- The last time anything flew over Britain that was this vindictive and full of hot air, was when the Nazi's bombed London in World War II.


Starbucks announced that it will do away with plastic straws at it's more than 28,000 stores worldwide by 2020.

- So the only thing customers will have to Suck Up is paying 7 bucks for a cup of coffee. 


Prez Trump will announce his second pick for the U.S. Supreme Court live on TV tonight at 9pm.

- In an attempt to get more millennial viewers, Trump will gather all the potential Judges at the White House... and present the winner with a Long-Stem Red Rose. 


Arnold Schwarzenegger's 20 year old love child, Joseph, was photographed on a beach looking just as muscle-bound as his Dad. 

- Joseph said being muscular is in his genes. And getting in the maid's jeans probably is too.


"Little House on the Prairie" star Melissa Gilbert is moving out of her Brighton home and relocating to  NYC after 5 years in Michigan. 

- "Good Riddance!" said her neighbor, Miss Nellie Oleson. 


24 year old Justin Bieber is engaged to Alec Baldwin's niece, Hailey. 

- The happy couple is registered at Bed, Bath & Beyond and several prison commissaries. 


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