A growing number of millennials are shelling out $500 to have pics of their pets embroidered onto their sweaters. 

- The sweaters go great with a Poodle Skirt. 


The Detroit Zoo will celebrate Earth Day on April 14th by giving away 5 pound buckets of zoo animal poop to the first 1000 visitors. 

- This is great if you're looking to be part of the #MeNumber2 Movement. 


Steven Speilberg says that the upcoming Indiana Jones movie will be Harrison Fords' last. He then plans to make a follow-up movie with a woman playing "Indiana".  

- That one will be titled "Indiana Joan and the Temple of Shoes". 


Mark Zuckerberg's high tech friends - like Apple's Tim Cook - have turned their backs on him after the FB data breech, leaving him "isolated". 

- Zuckerberg is so lonely he's sending out "Friend Requests" to everyone who's still on Facebook. 


A new poll this morning shows President Trump has a 51% approval rating. 

- Or as CNN reports it, a DISAPPROVAL rating of almost 50%. 


A porn film studio named Kink.com is holding a four day sale of props and costumes used in the making of adult films, including a 6 foot Human Hamster Wheel.  

- I'm bettin' every item is marked "Previously Enjoyed". 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Thursday!


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