Michigan takes on 6 point favorite Villanova for the NCAA Championship tonight at 9:20 pm. They may have busted your bracket... but GO BLUE!!!!! 


President Trump spent Easter with family and friends at Mar A Lago. 

- It was just like being at the White House. Sunday morning Trump fired the Easter Bunny on Twitter and replaced him with Peter Cottontail. 


Lawyer's for Bill Cosby are worried that jurors in his second sexual harassment trial, which starts this week, may be more likely to convict because of the #MeToo Movement. 

- Cosby reportedly told them to calm down and gave them "a little something to help them relax".

- When Bill say's "Take a Chill Pill", he really means it. 


Pope Francis made news recently when he told an interviewer - off the record - that "There is no Hell". 

- The Vatican is in an uproar and the Pontiff is really takin' heat for it.


The National Enquirer is reporting that Caitlyn Jenner has a big crush on Hugh Hefner's 31 year old widow, but is too nervous to ask her out.  

- C'mon Caitlyn! Put on your Big Boy Pants and go for it! 


The out-of-control Chinese Space Station that scientists had predicted might crash into Michigan - burned up in the atmosphere over the Pacific Ocean. 

- And just like that, my "Chinese Space Station Bracket" goes up in smoke. 

- Apparently it got lost on it's way to Michigan, but there were no women on board to insist that they stop and ask for directions. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Tuesday!


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