A pic has surfaced of Stormy Daniels taking a polygraph in 2011 which one expert says she passed, and proves she's telling the truth about having sex with Donald Trump - years before he ran for Prez.  

- That pic looks more like a still from one of her porn movies: "Polly's-Graphic Test".


During a Town Hall Meeting with Bernie Sanders, Michael Moore slammed the media for its "obsessive coverage of Stormy Daniels". 

- It's not that he's defending Trump, he's just sick of hearing about someone with (slightly) bigger boobs than his. 


According to a new book, Queen Elizabeth has never taken to Camilla and once called her "That wicked woman" after downing a bunch of martinis. 

- Funny... I've always thought of The Queen as more of a Jell-O shot kind of gal. 


Joe Biden told a crowd that if he had gone to high school with Donald Trump, he would have "taken him behind the bleachers and beaten the hell" out of him for disrespecting women. 

- In a related story, Bill Clinton says that if he'd gone to high school with Biden's wife Jill, he'd have "taken her behind the bleachers and groped the hell out of her". 


Reports that Facebook gave away the personal data of more than 50 million users to political candidates has ignited a new #deleteFacebook campaign... which urges users to deactivate their accounts. 

- This is huge! #deleteFacebook has already gotten 2 million "Likes"!


Mork & Mindy co-star, Pam Dawber, says Robin Williams "flashed, humped, bumped, and grabbed her on the set" of the show, but that it was the '70's and "it was fun". 

- Pam's started a new social media campaign... the #Me"NaNu-NaNu" Movement. 


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