Spring officially arrives at 12:15pm this afternoon! 

- Time to get out my Black Socks & Sandals! 

- Of course living in Michigan... Winter will continue until the middle of May.


This morning, at the age of 77, Ringo Starr was finally Knighted by Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace. 

- They only made him a knight after he agreed to play the drums at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding reception.  


According to a new book, Queen Elizabeth has never taken to Camilla and once called her "That wicked woman" after downing a bunch of martinis. 

- Funny... I've always thought of The Queen as more of a Jell-O shot kind of gal. 


New research says that if you want to avoid getting sick from other passengers on an airplane, sit in a window seat and don't get up during the flight. 

- And if you're a dog and you'd like to make it through a flight alive, don't fly United. 


A man in England was arrested after handing a cop who pulled him over a fake license claiming he was "Homer Simpson" complete with a cartoon drawing of his face. 

- He's hoping to have the incident erased from his record. 


Steven Speilberg announced that he will begin shooting the 5th installment in the Indiana Jones series next Spring and that, yup, the film will star 76 year old Harrison Ford. 

- Speilberg hasn't decided whether to call the movie: "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Metamucil" or "Raiders of the Lost Car Keys". 


On this date in 1989 an investigation began into Pete Rose alleged gambling on his own team. 

- When I worked in Cincinnati I had lunch with Pete one day... and he suggested we flip a coin over who would pay the bill. I lost! 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Wednesday!