As the father of 6 girls, I have had many moments to be proud. The most recent: The unprecedented response by so many of you to my daughter JoAnne's news that, due to corporate restructuring of the Scripps-owned television stations and cost-cutting initiatives, her contract with Channel 7, WXYZ-TV will not be renewed when it expires this month after 20 years. Her last day on the air will be March 23rd. 

Thousands of you immediately took to facebook and other social media to lament the corporate decision and to cheer JoAnne on. More than 5000 of you at last count. 

Like JoAnne, I have read each and every one of your comments, and was struck not only by your heartfelt emotions and support, but by the words you used to describe her: "Class Act", "Professional", "Integrity", "Sincerity", "Smart", "Down-to-Earth", "Beautiful Smile". All words I would use to describe the JoAnne we have always known at home as well. 

Though I am heartbroken for JoAnne to lose a job that she has cherished and nurtured over the years, I am no stranger to the ups and downs that come with working for large corporations. (I lasted 5 weeks in Baltimore!) This is a speed bump in a wonderful career - and her mother and I have no doubt that there will be much smooth sailing for her down the road. 

Gail and I are so very proud of all that she has accomplished, both in her career and in her personal life. She is a wonderful daughter, sister & wife - and incredible mother to two exceptional teenagers. She has a heart of gold and has always believed in "giving back". Now we just have to sit back and wait to see how she will use her considerable gifts to lift up, inform, and serve the people of Metro-Detroit in the months and years ahead... And enjoy that beautiful smile around the house - instead of on TV - a little more often! 



President Trump says he'd love to run against Oprah Winfrey in 2020 because he "Knows her weaknesses". 

- According to her diet commercials, those weaknesses include french fries and potato chips. 

- FYI: The latest studies have show Oprah ahead of Trump in a proposed match-up by 5 points. Of course they're WEIGHT WATCHER points. 


Meanwhile Trump has accepted Kim Jong Un's invitation to meet to discuss nukes. 

- It will be known as the "Two Really Bad Haircuts & A Beer Summit". 


Last night, iHeartRadio held their big awards show... with Paris Hilton and her tiny dog, "Diamond Baby" presenting the Award for "Cutest Musician's Pet".

- Remember the good old days when "The Rat Pack" was a group of great singers, not a bunch of hacks with scraggly looking dogs. 


Dem. Mass Senator Elizabeth Warren refuses to take an Ancestry.com or any other DNA test to prove her claims that she's Native American, saying it's what her parents told her and she believes them.  

- Apparently Warren has "Reservations" about giving up her DNA.  


China officially abolished term limits on Sunday, paving the way for Xi Jinpeng to be "President for Life". 

- If he doesn't have to run for election, what are they gonna do with all those "Made In China Great Again" baseball caps? 


A growing number of Silicon Valley execs are getting Chickens as pets to help them relax. 

- Apparently they want chicks who can't accuse them of harassment. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Tuesday!