Starlet Jennifer Lawrence who famously blamed last years Hurricanes on "Mother Nature's wrath over Trump's election" says she's taking a year off from acting to "Fix our democracy". 

- I don't know about you, but I feel like I can finally relax! 


None of the N. Korean Olympians have won a medal yet... leaving them afraid that Kim Jong Un will imprison them like he did members of the World Cup Soccer team who "disrespected him" by losing a few years ago. 

- On the bright side, they may get lucky and he'll just kill them.


A female NY Times writer is being called out for "body shaming" for an article that suggested women over 30 shouldn't wear tight yoga pants, but stick to sweats.

- We haven't seen this kind of history making journalism since Woodward and Bernstein broke Watergate. 


Michael Moore attended an Anti-Trump Rally organized by Vladimir Putin and the Russian Government... the same people he claims Trump colluded with to win the election. 

- I don't care what he does as long as HE doesn't wear tight Yoga pants and sticks to sweats. 


A Sunday school teacher in Toledo was robbed at gunpoint in front of her students... by the Church's pastor and his daughter. 

- They stole her money & phone... then made a quick Exodus. 


Lucky Charms made a shocking announcement: They're adding a new marshmallow to their cereal: A Unicorn. 

- There hasn't been this explosive an announcement in the cereal world since the introduction of Fiber One. 



The 31st Annual Salvation Army Radiothon benefitting the Bed & Bread Club is coming up THIS FRIDAY, FEB. 23rd! The 16 Hour Event is THE FUNDRAISER for the Bed & Bread Program that feeds more than 4000 men, women and children and shelters almost 500 people in Metro Detroit EVERY DAY, 365 DAYS A YEAR!!!! Tune in to WJR 760 AM from 6am to 10pm to hear the live broadcast! I'll be hosting the final fours hours along with Big Al, my daughters Jackie & JoAnne & Kevin O'Neil... plus we'll have special guest stars and some of my favorite "Best Of" cuts from my radio show. You can even donate RIGHT NOW by going to @salmich.org or calling 248-528-0760. That number again... 248-528-0760! As always, thanks so very much for your support! 

Have a great day and I'll see you back here Wednesday!



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