As a Holiday Bonus, President Trump signed an Executive Order giving all Government employees Christmas Eve off.

- Which is great news for the two members of his Cabinet who haven’t resigned yet.


A study by North Carolina State University found that chimpanzees have cleaner beds than humans do.

- It’s a toss up as to whose beds see the most “Monkey Business”.

- Chimps buy their sheets at “Bed, Bath & Bananas”.


Facebook reportedly gave big tech companies EVEN MORE "intrusive access" to the personal data of its 2.2. billion users including private messages, usernames and contacts.

- Things are getting so bad at Facebook Mark Zuckerberg “unfriended” himself.


A man in China who reportedly made a habit of sniffing his dirty socks each day contracted a serious fungal lung infection.

- So there’s actually a MEDICAL reason why we all shouldn’t be sniffin’ our socks everyday! I guess the guys in Grosse Pointe were ahead of the curve on this one.


A 24 year old California man has been dubbed “The Most Popular Sperm Donor in the World” - fathering 18 children in four years because of (according to him) his looks, his education, and the fact that he doesn't charge for his services.

- He doesn’t charge for his services? What a charitable guy! I guess This IS The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!


Adult film star Stormy Daniels said she is “beyond excited and honored to share” that she will be featured in the next issue of Playboy.

- Something tells me this news isn’t the only thing Stormy will be “sharing”.


What’s Santa’s favorite kind of potato chips?

- Kris Pringles


Have a great day and I’ll see you back here Thursday!