A new survey found that 67% of Americans sing Christmas tunes in the car and the most popular sing-a-long song is “Jingle Bell Rock”.

- But if a cop is coming up from behind you with his siren on, the most popular song to sing is “Do You Hear What I Hear?”


Nancy Pelosi said her televised Oval Office meeting with Prez. Trump was like a “Tinkle contest with a skunk”.

- A “Tinkle” contest??? How genteel of her!

- But to be honest, I agree with Nancy... I saw the interview and it really Tinkled me off too.


NBC announced that Kathy Lee Gifford is leaving the Today show after 11 years.

- One things for sure, whoever replaces her will have big wine glasses to fill.


CNN talking heads said First Lady Melania Trump “whines” all the time and throws herself “pity parties”.

- As my Mother always said, “If you can’t say something nice about someone, say something mean about their wife”.


A New Zealand study claims that James Bond is an alcoholic because of the amount of drinking he does in the movies.

- Turns out his real code name was Double O Seven And Seven.


The Chinese Government is offering its citizens $86,000 to snitch on people who watch pornography.

- So now instead of asking for a raise at their factory jobs Kindergarten’s can make extra cash turning in their Dads.


What does Santa Claus use instead of salt?

Mrs. Dasher.


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