Sad news... 76 year old Neil Diamond has announced that he's been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease and has given up touring. He holds the record for the most sold-out concert appearances ever at the Palace of Auburn Hills. 


Bill Cosby, who faces another sexual abuse trial this Spring, hopped on stage at a club in Philidelphia and did stand-up last night. 

- Luckily for the women in the audience, the drinks were "On the House" and not on Cosby's nightstand. 


Speaking of being "Slipped a Mickey"... Congratulations to Minnie Mouse who finally got a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame - 40 YEARS after her significant other!!! 

- No wonder she was spotted at one of the Women's Protest Marches over the weekend. 


Actress Suzanne Somers admitted that she's a huge fan of President Trump... adding that by owning up to that, she's probably "committing career suicide". 

- I thought she committed "career suicide" when she did those ads for "The Thigh Master". 


The NFL is coming under fire for rejecting a Veterans' Group Super Bowl ad encouraging players to stand up for the National Anthem. 

- So it's official: Football is no longer a game of inches, it's a game of politics. 


The Governor of Hawaii says the reason it took so long to inform people that the recent missile alert was a false alarm was becasue he forgot his Twitter Password. 

- He should try using "Kim Jong Un" as his password... He wouldn't forget that one. 


A Tsunami warning has been cancelled after an almost 8 point earthquake rattled Alaska overnight. 

- Experts say the quake was centered under an Alaskan Cruise Ship and was triggered when a vacationing Michael Moore hit the Midnight Buffet. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Wednesday! 


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