Welcome to Thursday... and Podcast #121. In the wake of recent events, Jackie and I hunker down at the Purtan Dining Room Table for a "whirlwind" discussion of Hurricanes. I'll tell you about my personal connections to two of the strongest to ever hit Florida: last weekend's Irma, and one you may or not remember, Hurricane Donna in 1960. (Gail and I not only survived, but wait til you hear where we were when it hit). In addition to rain, wind and storm surges, we also sort out the reasons behind Snowflakes - not the ones you have to shovel - the ones who are seeking shelter in "Verbal Safe Zones" on college campuses across the country. Plus... an on-air exchange between a News anchor and a self-described "chunky" reporter that caused a virtual Tornado on Social Media. 

It's all in Podcast #121... "Weather" you choose to listen is up to you! 

Prayers for all those recovering from both Harvey and Irma...

Have a great day and I'll see you back here Friday!