It's "National LOVE Litigating Lawyers Day".

- So if you see Geoffrey Fieger or Sam Bernstein... give 'em a hug for me!


Jerry Springer is reportedly considering a run to become the Governor of Ohio. 

- But instead of throwing his hat in the ring, he'll throw a chair. 


The Los Angeles City Council has replaced "Columbus Day" with "Indigenous Peoples Day" on it's Official Calendar.

- The good news is L.A. residents will still be able to get a great deal on mattresses, the bad news is "The Columbus Proved The World Is Not Flat-Screen TV Sale" has been cancelled. 


A Maryland school has banned students from wearing Washington Redskins Jerseys in class. 

- They're afraid people might be offended by the word "Washington". 


Scientists say that in the last two years, 200 new animal species have been discovered in the Amazon. 

- And you can have one shipped to your house in two days for FREE if you have "Prime"!


A British Study found that 60% of men don't think about sex ALL THE TIME.  

- That's right... there's that one moment when we think about making a sandwich right before falling asleep.


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Friday!