A Cheetos-themed restaurant opened in New York City on Wednesday. 

- It's like a regular restaurant, except instead of giving you a Doggie Bag, they send you home with the orange cheese dust on your fingers. 


According to a new survey, the best time of the day to have sex is when your body is the most rested,  at exactly 7:30 am.

- So now we know why all of those high school teachers are sleeping with their students... They're already in Algebra class at 7:30am.


A British family bound for Disneyworld was banned from the Manchester, England Airport lounge for "inappropriate dress". FYI: They were wearing matching Minnie Mouse T-Shirts. 

- Apparently, airport officials thought the t-shirts were a slap in the face to straight male and transgender mice.

- Is it me or has the world gone just plain Goofy???


Daniel Craig announced that he will play James Bond again less than one year after saying that he would "cut himself with glass" before returning to the role. 

- The movie will be called either "Slash Your Wrists and Die Another Day" or "Never Say Never. Period." 


Men's Fitness will no longer offer a print version of its' magazine. 

- So guys, if you want to read about how to get in shape, you're going to have to sit on the couch with your laptop. 


A new study found that smoking marijuana increases a person's risk of high blood pressure. 

- On the bright side, if you smoke enough... you won't care. 

- Put another way, Woody Harrelson could stroke-out at any moment. 


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