Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is about to replace Bill Gates as the World's Richest Man, with a net worth of $89.8 Billion. 

- He'll celebrate by saying "Alexa... Who's the richest man in the world?" over and over and over again. 

- He may be the Richest Man in the World, but he's still bald. 


Politico is reporting that ABC is trying to sign former Trump Spokesperson Sean Spicer for the next season of Dancing With the Stars. 

- Well we know he already knows how to tap dance. 

- Or he could land a job as a judge on "Make America's Got Talent Great Again". 


A new study found that Ben & Jerry's ice cream is made with an ingredient that's also found in weedkillers. 

- Which explains why I've never found any Crabgrass in my pint of "Chunky Monkey". 

- When I think Ben & Jerry's, I tend to think "Killer Weed" not "Weed Killer". 


Rumor has it that Justin Bieber cancelled the rest of his World Tour in order to start his own Church. 

- It'll be the only Church in the world where you don't Sip the Sacramental Wine, you do Shots of it. 


An Uber passenger posted a video of his Uber driver allegedly having sex with a woman in the front seat while he was driving the passenger around, and claims that when he complained, Uber offered him a $10 credit. 

- Ten bucks? I'm betting the woman in the front seat got paid more than that. 


The fact checking website "Snopes" is trying to raise funds to keep from going bankrupt. 

- Apparently Snopes is passe since we have another source to determine what is real and what is Fake News... Donald Trump. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Friday!