Jerry Seinfeld has come to the defense of Kathy Griffin after her ISIS-like Donald Trump video, saying "She made a bad joke. I don't understand the big deal". 

- I never thought I'd say this, but I think Jerry might be suffering from Brain Shrinkage! Not That There's Anything Wrong With That.  


According to a new report, James Comey told Attorney General Jeff Sessions that he "didn't want to be left alone" with President Trump after meeting with him in February. 

- I think Comey had Trump confused with Bill Cosby. 


Chinese Government officials announced that they will send a man to the moon "in the near future". 

- Awesome! If they can do it by 2019... they can put up some 50th anniversary balloons where Apollo 11 landed in 1969! 


A new study out of Michigan State University found that that friendships are more important to happiness than your family members because you pick your friends. 

- That explains why you always hear about Kim Jong Un whacking his Aunts and Uncles, but never his frat brothers from Communist U. 


Talk about the "Cable Guy!"... The CEO of Comcast was the 6th highest paid exec of 2016, earning 33 Million. 

- But to be fair, he blew through about half of that when he added the HBO and NFL packages. 

- Jobs like his are In Demand, I mean ON Demand. 


A Syracuse, NY man is was arrested for identity theft after stealing $3.5 Million dollars in City Funds to buy tickets to NFL games around the country. 

- If he thought he saw a lot of guys patting each other on the butt during the huddles, just wait until he gets to prison. 

- And he's going to the be the receiver of a lot of completed passes. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Thursday!