Bernie Sanders and his wife are being investigated by the FBI for alleged financial improprieties to the tune of several million dollars. 

- No one is sure what they spent the money on, but it's a safe bet it wasn't a hair stylist for Bernie. 


Apple's iPhone turns 10 this week. 

- They were going to celebrate with fireworks, but they didn't want to look too much like Samsung. 


Not only is Bill Cosby headed to California to face another sexual assault trial, but new documents show he spent hundred of thousands of dollars betting on NFL games. 

- He was always looking for his "Dream" Team... kind of like his dates. 


A new study in China found that employees who ride their bikes to work are much less stressed at the beginning of their shifts. 

- Especially the ones who still have the training wheels on. 

- And they're even more stress-free after they have a Juice Box and take their 11am nap. 


Charlie Sheen is selling Babe Ruth's 1927 World Series Ring in hopes of getting $600,000 for it. 

- Put another way, Charlie needs cash to get enough Coke for his 4th of July BBQ. 


A Kentucky town has elected a Dog as Mayor for the fourth time. 

- His campaign slogan was "Make America a Great Dane Again". 


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