Medical Marijuana isn't just for humans anymore... Dogs, cats, lizards, turtles... even farm animals... are being given Cannabis to treat everything from arthritis to anxiety. 

- Cats who take it are still bitchy... but in a more laid back way. 

- The weed worked so well on one Turtle's anxiety that he actually came out of his shell. 


It's National Selfie Day... 

- Or as Anthony Weiner calls it, "Flag Day!" 


Amazon is denying reports that after buying Whole Foods, they'll make changes to make the chain more like Walmart. 

- First up: Gluten Free Stretch Pants.


In the Southwestern parts of the United States, airlines have cancelled hundreds of flights because it's too hot to fly!   

- It's so bad United has been forced to start dragging passengers off chairs in the TERMINAL. 


A CBS poll found that 73% of Americans believe that political discussions in this country are becoming more uncivil. 

- The other 27% don't have Facebook accounts. 


Bill O'Reilly says he's thinking about starting his own TV network to compete with Fox News. 

- I think he might have hit on something! And we're not just talking female reporters. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Wednesday! 


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