Caitlyn Jenner claims that she's been "shut out" by the Kardashian family since transitioning from their Step-Dad to their Step-Mom, saying "Nobody calls anymore". 

- In the Kardashian girls defense, it's hard to get excited about shoe shopping with the woman who took you to the Daddy-Daughter Dinner Dance. 


President Trump will host the President of China at his home in Mira Lago, Florida beginning later today. 

- When Trump found out the head of China's military would not attend the meeting, he Tweeted "General Tso's a CHICKEN!"

- Aides are worried about what he'll say since Trump tends to be "A Bull in a China Shop". 


The New Zealand Postal Service is going to being home-delivering KFC fast food since actual mail delivery has been dwindling. 

- It's known as "Junk Food Mail". 

- Having KFC delivered to my door has always been on my Bucket List. 


New York's State's highest court rule that police can seize your Facebook activity as evidence during a trial. 

- The people hit the hardest by the fb ruling will be Cat Burglars. 


The Catholic Church is upset that candy maker Cadbury removed the word "Easter" from their annual Egg Hunt. 

- But they admitted they've got bigger fish to fry... and they'll be doing just that on Friday between 5 and 9pm! 


A woman gave birth in the parking garage of a hospital in Fort Worth, Texas. 

- Her husband was going to drop her off at the front door, but it was blocked by protestors because of a Labor dispute. 


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