Barry Manilow says he waited until he was in his 70's to publicly announce that he's gay and married to a man, because he "didn't want to disappoint female fans". 

- So now we know who he was hangin' out with during his "Weekend In New England". And it wasn't "Mandy". 


Fashion Designers Dolce & Gabbana are being criticized for dressing Melania Trump in her first official portrait as First Lady. 

- There hasn't been this much ruckus over fashion-in-politics since J.C. Penney came under fire for dressing Mamie Eisenhower. 


The U.S. says "The clock has run out" on verbal attempts to stop North Korea's Nuclear Missile Program and that "Everything is on the table". 

- Kim Jong Un says "Everything" is on his table too... but his looks more like an All-You-Can-Eat Buffet. 


A global survey found that Canadian babies cry more than infants in any other country. 

- You'd cry too if you had to drink milk while your Mom and Dad were throwing back a Labatts. 

- It's easy to spot the little Canucks... their the ones wearing Toques and wailing "Waaaaaaa, eh? Waaaaaaaa, eh?"


New research shows that the number of Americans in their late twenties and early thirties that still live with their parents has more than doubled since 1980.  

- On the bright side, the "Basement Finishing Business" is booming. 


A company in Sweden is implanting it's employees with microchips that allow them to buy food and open doors with a swipe of their hand, but also records how often they come to work and how long they spend in the bathroom. 

- Sounds like the Swedish are Fishing for info on their workers.  


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