Today is National "Bring Your Child To Work Day".

- Or as President Trump and his daughter Ivanka call it, "Thursday". 


A U.S. Military expert claims that most of the weapons held by North Korean soldiers in last weeks War Exercises were just props, and that even the sunglasses they wore weren't combat ready. 

- Turns out Kim Jong Un bought the plastic guns and glasses at "Communist Party City". 


During this week's Michigan Football Team trip to the Vatican, coach Jim Harbaugh presented the Pontiff with a Michigan Helmet and a pair of M-themed Jordan sneakers. 

- The Pope was thrilled saying the only Football paraphernalia he has is from The Saints. 

- ...And The Angels. 

- ...Oh, and the Cardinals. 

- MSU fans said it made sense for Harbaugh to meet the Pope since Michigan fans think the Coach is God. 


Yesterday, ESPN fired nearly 100 of it's "On-Air" talents in an effort to cut costs. 

- If your keeping score... Wait, now you basically HAVE to keep score since there's no one left at ESPN to do it for you. 


According to a grocery list obtained from Buckingham Palace, Queen Elizabeth stocks her pantry with lots of American foods including Quaker Oats, Heinz Ketchup and Coca-Cola. 

- So now we understand the whole Prince Harry Coke thing. It's genetic. 


Also from across the Pond... a new survey found that 1 in 5 people in The United Kingdom don't know how to cook an egg or change a light bulb. 

- I had no idea my daughter Jackie's ex-husband moved to England!


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Friday!