President Trump told Time Magazine that he's an "instinctual person" and that his instincts "always turn out to be right". 

- You know, like his instinct that the House would overwhelmingly pass his plan to overturn Obamacare.

He also said he expects to break Richard Nixon's record for most appearances on the cover of Time Magazine. 

- You can listen to the whole interview online... well, except for the mysterious 18 1/2 minute gap in the tape that was "accidentally" erased. 


Harrison Ford called himself a "schmuck" after accidentally buzzing a passenger jet and landing his private plane on a busy taxiway at a California airport recently. It's his third "mishap" as a pilot. 

- Look for him in the upcoming movie "Indiana Jones & The Pilot of Doom". 


A survey by the National Coffee Association found that 63% of Americans drink one cup of coffee a day. 

- In a related story, the National Enquirer claims Mrs. Folger is having an affair with a man identified as a Mr. J. Valdez. 


A British woman claims she found a diamond inside her hardboiled egg. 

- So we finally know why the chicken crossed the road... He was trying to get his diamond back so he could propose to the Chick he's dating. 


On this day in 1512, Ponce de Leon first sighted what's now known as Florida. 

- He knew he'd found Florida when he saw a sign for Denny's reading "Salisbury Steak 1/2 Off During Early Bird Special!"


A 96 year old woman and her 89 year old husband were wheeled to the wrong gate at a Florida airport and wound up flying to New York instead of Michigan. 

- On the bright side, they were really impressed with Detroit's new skyline! 


A new study by found that when they die, nearly 75% of Americans are $62,000 in debt. 

- So it's true... "You Can't Take It With You"... especially if you don't have any.


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