Arnold Schwarzenegger posted a video on Twitter trashing President Trump, his "Apprentice" predecessor, for his low public approval rating. 

- Arnold made the video in his living room... Then met his Maid in the bedroom. 


The Trump Administration is looking for bids for the construction of the 30-foot border wall. 

- No matter who wins the contract, the construction guys are gonna start the job, leave a big mess, then not return Trumps phone calls. 


Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz will step down from his position on April 2nd. 

- He says he's nervous about not having another job... then again it might just be the caffeine. 

- His retirement package is reportedly worth $10 Million. Put another way, that's the equivalent of 13 Venti Half-Caf Caramel Lattes. 


North Korea released a new propaganda video showing their military blowing up a U.S. Aircraft Carrier. 

- Sounds like Kim Jong Un got a new photoshop program for his iPhone. 


A British study found that Global Warming may be shrinking the size of mammals. 

- Didn't we all learn on Seinfeld that it's Cold NOT Warmth that causes Shrinkage??? 


Google is altering its search criteria to better identify content that is factually incorrect or misleading. 

- The guy in charge of weeding out the "Fake News" is a Mr. Brian Williams of NBC. 


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