It's Presidents Day! The day we honor George Washington and Abraham Lincoln by closing Banks and Post Offices. And retailers honor Bill Clinton by offering Mattresses at 1/2 Off. 


A study by McMaster University in Canada found that exercising for 30 minutes a week on a staircase can be just as beneficial as going to the gym 5 days a week. 

- The hard part is attaching the treadmill and stationary bike to your staircase. 


New Jersey Governor Chris Christie revealed that he ate meatloaf during his recent visit to the White House because President Trump ordered him to eat it. 

- Right... Like Chris Christie has ever had to be "ordered" to eat anything. 


George Michael's funeral has been postponed again so doctors can perform more tests on his body. 

- Some say they'll never figure out his cause of death, but doctors say "You've Gotta Have Faith". 


Coleman Young Jr. announced plans to follow in his father's footsteps and run to become the next Mayor of the City of Detroit.

- Apparently the Kruggerand doesn't fall far from the Tree. 


And how about this for a segue? Coleman Young Senior may be deceased, but he'll be one of the many guests stopping by this Friday during the 30th Annual Salvation Army Radiothon benefiting the Bed & Bread Club! The 16-Hour event will be broadcast LIVE from 6am to 10pm on 760 AM WJR from the Emagine Theater in Royal Oak THIS FRIDAY, February 24th. I'll be hosting the 6PM to 10PM slot along with all of "Purtan's People"! This is THE fundraiser for the Bed & Bread program that feeds many thousands of Men, Women and Children in Metro-Detroit EVERY DAY, 365 Days a year... and shelters almost 500 people every night. I hope you'll tune in on Friday, and more importantly, I hope you'll donate! You can even do it now by calling 248-528-0760 or go to Whatever you can give will be greatly appreciated! 

Thanks so much!