It's Valentine's Day! The Day first made famous when Marcel Marceau thought outside the box and sent his girlfriend some candy hearts reading "Be Mime".


A survey by the National Retail Federation found that 55% of Americans will take part in Valentine's Day today. 

- The other 45% will be tossed a pillow by their wife and told to go sleep on the couch.  


Burger King in Israel is offering "Adult Meals" today... which include two Whoppers, two Fries, two Beers and a Sex Toy. 

- If the promotion works, a few years from now, those same customers will be over at McDonald's ordering a "Kid's Meal". 

- Sex Toy or not... chances are if you take your Valentine to Burger King the luckiest you're gonna get is if they get your order right. 


Former President Obama has set up a non-profit organization that aims to combat Donald Trumps attempts to undo his legacy. 

- It's called "Make the Obama Presidency Great Again". 


Just in time for Valentine's Day... Playboy Magazine announced that they're bringing Naked pics back following a steep decrease in sales.  

- I'm shocked! You mean people DON'T really just read it for the articles??? 


The New York Times is criticizing "Saturday Night Live" for attacking Donald Trump to the point of exhaustion. 

- Pot... I'd like you to meet Kettle. 


A team of researchers in Saudi Arabia have create a self-destructing phone that can explode in ten seconds so your personal information isn't compromised. 

- Hillary Clinton said, "Would it have killed you to come up with a self-destructing email server a few months ago?" 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Wednesday!