For $500 bucks, Macys in NYC is allowing parents to "make appointments" for their kids to see Santa and avoid waiting in long lines. 

- Parents are so excited they're wetting their pants... just like their kids are going to do when they land on Santa's lap. 


A growing number of people are paying as much as $500 for "Half-Christmas Trees" that can be placed against a wall to save space. 

- Say what you will, but it's a great way to Spruce up a small apartment for the Holidays. 


More than 3.6 million Japanese families in Japan have pre-ordered their traditional Christmas dinner: The KFC "At Christmas You Eat Chicken" holiday feast. 

- Nothing say's "Merry Christmas" like a side of coleslaw. 

- The meal is so popular, it's even mentioned in the traditional Japanese Christmas song, "Grandma Got Runover By A Honda". 


Marijuana aficionados rolled a 100 foot long joint at an expo in Massachusetts on Sunday. 

- It broke the record for "Most Hits" previously held by naked pictures of Kate Upton on Instagram. 


Showtime announced that Stephen Colbert will produce an animated series on the network based on President Trump. (Talk about beating a dead horse). 

- Picture Homer Simpson with orange hair and a twitter account. D'oh! 


The AVN's - the Porn industries version of the Oscars - announced that it's upcoming ceremony will be hosted by rapper Lil Wayne. 

- Their first choice was The Notorious B.I.G. -- but he's no longer with us. 


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