It's Cyber Monday! 

- Or as computer hackers call it... "Christmas!"

- It's the day set aside to shop on your computer while icing the bruises you got at the Mall on Black Friday. 


Time Magazine is denying claims by President Trump that he "was probably" going to be named 2017's "Person of the Year" but that he turned down their request for an interview and photo shoot. 

- In a related story, Trump also claims he turned down People Magazine's decision to name him "Sexiest Man Alive". 


Dictionary.com has named "Complicit" as the Word of the Year. 

- If you don't know what "Complicit" means, you can look it up at Dictionary.com. 


Al Franken has apologized for his sexual misconduct, saying he likes to "hug people" and is sorry if some women considering that "crossing the line". 

- I'm thinking Al needs to Google the definition of the word "Hug". 


Charles Manson reportedly left his estate to a pen pal who began writing him in the 1990's. 

- So that guy is now the proud owner of three cigarettes and a straight jacket. 


Kim Jong Un has reportedly outlawed Drinking and Singing in North Korea. 

- And just like that the "Korean Kristmas Korus" cancelled their big show: "Oh by Gosh, By Golly... It's Time for Nuclear Missile Tests & Holly!"


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Tuesday!