The FBI has been brought in to investigate a couple who were having sex in their seats during a Delta flight from LA to Detroit over the weekend. 

- Passengers who witnessed it, say they now have tons of "emotional baggage"... which of course Delta is going to charge them for. 

- The man's tray table wasn't the only thing in it's full and upright position. 


The Dodgers 3-1 win over the Astros last night has forced a decisive Game 7 tonight. Verlander pitched well, but came up short and took the loss in what has been a crazy World Series.

- The only thing crazier would be if the Tigers were one of the teams playing. 


Serious XM announced that it will feature 8 different Holiday Music Channels... from Traditional to Pop to Country, with two of them launching today. 

- Nothing will motivate you to get that pumpkin off your porch like listening to "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer". 

- The Country Christmas Channel will kick off it's programming with "I'll Be Home For Christmas... But My Ex Won't, Since She Ran Off With My Best Friend, My Pick Up Truck And My Dog". 


The Senior VP of News at NPR has been put on leave after several women came forward with claims that he made unwanted advances and kissed them during job interviews. 

- But he said, "I'm no Harvey Weinstein... All Things Considered". 


Meanwhile Harvey Weinstein told friends that he believes he was put on earth to be a "Martyr" and "Change the World" in regards to sexual harassment. 

- Harvey's not a "Martyr". He's a "Leper". 


At a Halloween party over the weekend, Kim Kardashian dressed up as Cher with a friend dressed as Sonny Bono by her side. 

- Ironically, Cher dressed up like Kim, and a friend stood behind her dressed as Kim's butt. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Thursday!