Today is the official celebration of Columbus Day... when we honor the man who proved the world wasn't flat, but Queen Isabella was. (Thank you Charlie Weaver) Christopher knew since he spent some time with her on a mattress he got half-off at the "Art Van Columbus Day Sale".


Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says that any of his players that don't stand for the National Anthem won't be allowed to play in the game. 

- In a related story, MSU brought Michigan to their knees over the weekend, but it had nothing to do with the Rocket's Red Glare.


Oscar-winning Hollywood Producer Harvey Weinstein has been fired from the company he founded amid mounting allegations of sexual harassment of women... including actress Ashley Judd. 

-  This spells an end to production of his new movie starring Bill Cosby. 


Meryl Streep repeatedly called Weinstein's actions "disgraceful and inexcusable". 

- Weinstein said the comments really hurt, especially the time she delivered them in a "spot-on" Ukranian accent. (So far, no comment from Weinstein's good friend Hillary Clinton, although Bill said he didn't see what all the excitement was about).


Saturday Night Live, Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert ignored the Weinstein story on their respective broadcasts. 

- Apparently, Trump jokes, Trump Liberal Sexual Predator jokes, everytime. 


Kim Jong Un has promoted his 30-year-old sister Kim Yo Jong to a high paying top post in the North Korean Government. 

- Translation: Her execution and funeral will be held sometime next week. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Tuesday!