Melania Trump was lambasted by the anti-Trump social media for wearing Timberland Boots while visiting Hurricane ravaged Puerto Rico. 

- Usually, when there a ruckus over "Boots on the Ground" it involves some sort of Military action. 


Secretary of State Rex Tillerson went on TV yesterday to address claims that he called Prez. Trump a "Moron". He would only say that he wouldn't engage in such "petty nonsense".

- In other words, Yep. He called Trump a Moron.


All 5 living former US Presidents will get together for a Hurricane Relief Concert later this month. 

- Jimmy Carter will talk about all the Habitat for Humanity well-constructed houses he's built ... and Bill Clinton will talk about all the well-Built broads he's bagged. 


The ancient tomb of St. Nicholas (Santa Claus) has been discovered underneath a city in Turkey. 

- Santa was discovered in a fireplace, beneath a chimney where the stockings had been hung with care. 


A couple in Saline are back on the job - side by side - after tying the knot inside the Walmart where they both work. 

- They said the wedding was "perfect" right up until the moment the groom's Uncle got drunk and caused a "Clean up in Aisle 5". 


68-year-old George Foreman has challenged 65-year-old Steven Seagal to a 10 round boxing match. 

- I'm betting Foreman is going to take a Grilling. 


The New England Patriots just bought their very own team plane, a Boeing 767. 

- Just to be safe, they hired a security guy to make sure the plane's tires are never deflated. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Friday!