Bob Segar has cancelled his last two concerts this year citing back problems. Meanwhile Eminem announced that his 9th studio album, "Amazeballs", is done. 

- Can Christmas morning get here fast enough??? 

- I haven't been this excited since Three 6 Mafia won the Oscar for "It's Hard Out Here For a Pimp"!


Researchers have found that "Gamers" are significantly better learners than those who don't play video games. 

- So buck up parents! If the 35-year-old son living in your basement ever decides to go back to school to get his GED, he's gonna ROCK! 


Tom Cruise's new movie "American Made" was his worst box office opening in over 20 years. 

- It's not the first time Tom has come up short. 


Bruce Springsteen said that he won't write any Anti-Trump songs. 

- It's not that he LIKES Trump, he's just got writer's block. 


The Tennessee Titans have hired a fill-in for their injured quarterback and say they never even considered Colin Kaepernick. 

- Meanwhile, Colin continues taking a knee. Both actually... praying to God that someone will hire him. 


A video has surfaced of Pam Anderson signing autographs in Germany in which she appears disheveled and out of it. 

 - But she looks great if you watch the video in Slow Motion. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Thursday!