NBC insiders say the third hour of the "Today" show will be replaced with a show hosted by ex-Fox News star Megyn Kelly next Fall, followed by Hoda and Kathy Lee.  

- Megyn will be "Fair & Balanced" and then Hoda and Kathy Lee will be "Drunk & Unsteady". 


Sunday night a 23 year old Dental student from France won the Miss Universe Crown. 

- It's a temporary crown... she'll have to wait six weeks for the permanent one to be put on.


Over ten million people have Retweeted Kim Kardashian's Tweet of a chart that disputed Donald Trump's temporary ban on Immigration. 

- If you're relying on Kim Kardashian for your foreign policy info... I'm thinking maybe YOU should be deported. 


Ashton Kutcher opened Sunday night's SAG Awards by sharply criticizing President Trump's Immigration policy. 

- And after the show, he called Melania and asked if she was looking for a "Boy-Toy". 


Starbucks announced plans to hire 10,000 refugees over the next five years. 

- It's every refugees dream... escape a war-torn nation so you can sell $7 cups of coffee to rich Americans. 


An American Heart Association study found that depression is just as damaging to our heart as high cholesterol. 

- They added that the Worst thing for your heart is reading your friends political posts on Facebook. 


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