The Patriots are heading to the Super Bowl for the ninth time after defeating the Steelers 36-17 on Sunday. It will be Tom Brady's 7th trip to the Big Game.  

- But Brady said that like his footballs, his ego won't be inflated. 


A woman was kicked off a flight from Baltimore to Seattle for loudly berating the man seated next to her for being a Trump supporter. 

- Sounds like someone forgot to check her emotional baggage. 

- From now on, Airlines will seat Democrats on the Left and Republicans on the Right.  


Madonna is taking heat for repeatedly dropping the F-bomb and saying she had thoughts of "blowing up the White House" during her speech at the Women Million March Saturday which was carried live on C-Span. 

- It was the most exciting thing to happen on C-Span since... well, since EVER. 


Taylor Swift is being hammered on Twitter for not attending any of the Women's Marches against Trump around the country.

- Don't people know that Taylor is ALWAYS busy on Saturdays breaking up with her latest boyfriend??? 


China closed 100 golf courses in their country saying they go against Communist principles and cater to "Elites". 

- And just like that former President Obama had to cancel his vacation to Beijing. 


A new fitness trend is sweeping Great Britain, with thousands of Brits heading to the gym to participate in Naked Exercise classes. 

- The classes were Co-Ed until a bunch of naked guys suffered sprains when they tried to do push ups. 


A study by researchers in California found that women who maintain an active lifestyle age more slowly. 

- So if you want to look young, instead of driving, jog to your appointment with the plastic surgeon. 


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