With just three days left in the White House, a moving van and boxes were spotted outside the Obama's new 8200 sq. foot home, which boasts 9 1/2 bathrooms. 

- Luckily, Michelle has eight years worth of 20% off coupons from "Bed, Bath & Beyond".


Donald Trump will use two Bibles when he takes the Oath on Friday... his family Bible and the one used by Abraham Lincoln. 

- Democrats are claiming the Russians have hacked both Bibles to try and change the outcome of the Apple thing between Adam and Eve. 


Meanwhile Vladimir Putin gave a speech calling Trump's political enemies who went public with the infamous false dossier, "Worse than Prostitutes". 

- Prostitutes everywhere are insulted... saying they've been called a lot of bad names, but they've never been compared to Politicians before. 


Trump's staff has confirmed that the President-Elect has turned down the Obama's offer to leave behind Sasha and Malia's old swing set in the White House Garden. 

- This reminds me of the time Bill Clinton asked George W. Bush if he wanted him to leave Monica Lewinsky behind in the Oval Office. 


The producers of Star Wars announced that they've decided not to use a digital image of Carrie Fisher in the next film. 

- Apparently fans thought "Star Wars: The Force DOESN'T Awaken" was in bad taste. 


The movie "Hidden Figures" is the highest grossing film in the country. 

- It's a documentary showing what Rosie O'Donnell and Chris Christie look like when they take off their Spanx. 


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