Chevy Chase has reportedly checked himself into an addiction treatment center in Minnesota. 

- Apparently the thought of Cousin Eddie coming over for Thanksgiving pushed him over the edge. 

- More on this story in the upcoming movie "National Lampoon's Rehab Vacation". 


Bill Coby who was back in court yesterday regarding his upcoming Sexual Assault trial, is claiming that he is the victim of racial bias. 

- Apparently he believes that if dozens of women had been drugged and assaulted by Wilford Brimley they never would've filed charges. 


Cosby looked healthier than he has before, but his lawyers say he is 100% blind. 

- And he better hope the jurors are blind too. And deaf. 


As more coughing fits have raised questions about Hillary Clinton's health, she admitted yesterday she has "upped her antihistamine med load" to combat what she calls "seasonal allergies". 

- Meanwhile Bill said that he tried Afrin once... but he didn't inhale. 


A group of stoned concert goers at the Burning Man Festival, cut power lines, glued trailer doors shut and flooded the ground with 2,000 gallons of water. 

- Police say they have 500 eyewitnesses... but they were so high not one of them remembers seeing anything. 


The International Astronomical Union has named an asteroid after the late Queen singer Freddie Mercury.

- Am I crazy, or doesn't he already have a planet named for him???

- If they want to name an Asteroid after someone... I vote for Anthony Weiner. 


Yet another one of Taylor Swifts' relationships has come to an end. 

- There hasn't been this much attention paid to a break up since The Beatles. 


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